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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spicher and Co. Vinyl Flooring

Spicher and Co. vinyl floorcloths
I was searching for a company that makes reproduction patterned sheet linoleum for my pantry when I stumbled across Spicher and Co.'s Vinyl Flooring.  This is the look I've been searching for and I bet it would look great in a vintage kitchen or ahem, a little trailer.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pearl goes to Sandwichfest

Today was a ton of fun.  I brought the Pearl to Sandwichfest to promote Historic Homes of Cape Cod.  The day started out rainy - as in, severe thunderstorms.  But even so, I had fun chatting with people who stopped by to take a look inside the trailer.  I love how the Pearl brings a smile to people's faces.  I often hear that someone's uncle, or mother or grandfather had one just like it...  It's a great conversation starter and it definitely brings back warm memories.

Do you use your vintage trailer in your business?  If so, please share your experience, photos or links.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making your own table for a Shasta Compact

If your Shasta didn't come with its original table, here's some dimensions to help in making your own.

The dimensions are 24" wide by 39" long, 27 5/8" high (to top of table).  One end of the table has squared corners the other end (the end that faces out) has 2" radius corners.

The aluminum edge on the table is similar to what can be found at New York Metal - called "nose edging"

Here are some photos to show how the underside is put together:

Our table has metal trim around the edge of the laminate
and has a folding table leg.  The table must slide off of the wall bracket when the leg is folded under.
It does not fold down against the slanted outside wall.

Hardware the folds the table underneath 

This photo shows the hardware that attaches the table to the wall

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making the ol' gal earn her keep

Well, both ol' gals if you include me :)

My son Joshua has helped me set up "Pearl" at the Farmer's market on Tuesday mornings.  I sell jams and other preserves for the Thornton Burgess Society to benefit Green Briar Nature Center.  Some of you may know that I worked in their jam kitchen.  What a treat!  The kitchen dates back to the early 20th century and many of the recipes are from the first proprietor, Ida Putnam.

Photo by Eric Hurwitz

Thornton Burgess, a naturalist, conservationist and author of many children's stories including Peter Rabbit and his friends, used to visit Green Briar to deliver the mail.  The animals he observed along the way inspired him to write his children's stories.  Today, the Thornton Burgess Society owns the property operates natural history education programs for children and adults.  The jams help fund their mission.

Pearl was a big hit at the Farmer's market!  Many folks came over just to take a peek inside.  Under her pink and white canopy is the perfect place to spread out vintage linens and sell Apple Pie Jam, and Martha's Mustard pickles, and Sun cooked Strawberries...... YUM!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby moons - check!

I ordered the baby moon hubcaps for the Pearl and they arrived today.  I measured as well as I could and put in an order with Vintage Trailer Supply, crossed my fingers and held my breath.  Our wheels are original, 4 bolt, 13", 3 nubs.  They fit like a glove - just popped right on!  Hopefully they won't just pop right off too :)

Dome Hubcaps from Vintage Trailer Supply VTS-595, $17.94 each

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How about these tow vehicles?

Ford Crown Victoria
A little poking around on the web brought up these delicious tow vehicles.  I neeeeed one of these for the Pearl.  Oh well, I can dream.....
Edsel Bermuda Wagon
Photo from Kennebunkporter Classic Rides
Photo from
Ford Thunderbird
Photo from Scotty's Classic Cars

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Valentines wall art

The Pearl reminds me of nothing more than a big valentine.  Maybe its her color, or the fact that my hubby, children and I slaved on it as a labor of love.  But whatever the reason, there she is, my big fat 1200 lb. valentine.

Sooooo, I was thinking it would be fun to hang vintage valentine's day cards over the bunk rail on each side of the dining area.  In the interest of saving money (being cheap), rather than buying real vintage valentines, I ordered the book "Vintage Valentines" by Dover which comes with a CD full of high resolution pics.  My plan is to print my favorites on card stock, laminate them and hang them from a string with mini clothes pins or clips.

Some of these bring me right back to my childhood classroom valentine's day parties (I know, I'm old)!