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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pearl goes to Sandwichfest

Today was a ton of fun.  I brought the Pearl to Sandwichfest to promote Historic Homes of Cape Cod.  The day started out rainy - as in, severe thunderstorms.  But even so, I had fun chatting with people who stopped by to take a look inside the trailer.  I love how the Pearl brings a smile to people's faces.  I often hear that someone's uncle, or mother or grandfather had one just like it...  It's a great conversation starter and it definitely brings back warm memories.

Do you use your vintage trailer in your business?  If so, please share your experience, photos or links.


  1. yumm I would love to have a jar of your jam.. And I am just setting out re-storing a Shasta and can hardly wait until all done done... yours is so pretty... I'll be back to visit..


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