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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Canopy has arrived!

We ordered a canopy from Vintage Trailer Supply.  The folks there were very nice to work with.  I wanted to order one of the "classic awning stripe" canopies and they let me special order it in a discontinued pink/white color combo.

We love it!

the top of the canopy is pink and white stripe and the underside is pink

the color of the canopy matched perfectly

Making the bed in a Shasta Compact

Well, some of you may be wondering how anyone can sleep in a teeny Shasta Compact.  I went across country with 3 children, ages 16, 14 and 10 and we all fit!  However, when my husband joined us, it was a tight squeeze.  I purchased a one minute set-up tent at Target and the boys (my two oldest) slept in it for the remainder of the trip.  To see our travel blog:

Below are some photos of how we made up the bed.  The original design of the bed included slide out benches that do not meet in the middle (they remain two separate beds).  We wanted the option to pull the benches together to make one large bed.  The solution below is a temporary one, because we were running out of summer before we finished the Pearl, at some point we will work on making a more elegant and permanent solution.

For now though...

When the bench seat and back cushions are laid flat, there is a gap of a few inches which we fill with the decorative pillows so that the flat cushions will stay tightly together.

This makes a fairly large bed - king size sheets are needed.

Under the cushions are 1/2" thick plywood sheets.

Here is what it looks like under the cushions

The plywood is supported by slats which fit into the existing slots on the benches.

There are three slats, we store the table under the bed at night.

Each plywood sheet is stored under the bench cushions during the day.    Being only 1/2" thick, you can't feel them through the cushions (the cushions are 5" thick.

bench cushion back in place

as you can see, my back cushion overlaps the window trim a bit.

Dave is storing the slats in the bench.

Sometimes, we would put the back cushions on the floor, between the two benches and I would put the decorative pillow in the gap between the back cushions and the benches to hold them tightly together.  This way, we had 3 small beds.  Bella slept in the canvas bunk that suspends above the bed.