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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Valentines wall art

The Pearl reminds me of nothing more than a big valentine.  Maybe its her color, or the fact that my hubby, children and I slaved on it as a labor of love.  But whatever the reason, there she is, my big fat 1200 lb. valentine.

Sooooo, I was thinking it would be fun to hang vintage valentine's day cards over the bunk rail on each side of the dining area.  In the interest of saving money (being cheap), rather than buying real vintage valentines, I ordered the book "Vintage Valentines" by Dover which comes with a CD full of high resolution pics.  My plan is to print my favorites on card stock, laminate them and hang them from a string with mini clothes pins or clips.

Some of these bring me right back to my childhood classroom valentine's day parties (I know, I'm old)!

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