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Friday, July 1, 2011

She's legal


This was the part I dreaded.  The registry of motor vehicles scares me.  I went to our insurance agent first, who told me that I wouldn't be able to register the trailer (ever) because I couldn't produce a previous registration. "But the previous owner bought it from a guy in NH and it wasn't registered". I admit, that sounded a bit sketchy. "Well", she said, you could probably get a signed affidavit from the original owner".  Signed what?  From who?  The original owner may well be dead for all I know.

However, I had a secret weapon.  The previous owner had prepared me well.  He told me to go to the registry with a form that is signed by a police officer and verifies the VIN (found on the tongue of the trailer).  If the trailer is under $3000 pounds, I shouldn't need a title to register it.  I was ready.

I went to the registry, forms in hand and you know what?  The RMV worker didn't even care.  She registered my trailer with not even a raised eyebrow.  The only thing that caused her to pause was the color.  There is a checkbox for the color and pink wasn't listed so I left it blank.

"What color is the trailer?" she asked.


 "We don't have pink, we have red.  What color is your trailer?"


"Good - here are your plates"

Ever feel like you're in a Monty Python episode?


  1. all have been busy! Everything looks so good. In Arizona you can apply for "bonded" title if you don't have one and no vin number...costs about $250 when all said and done but worth it in the end. Sometimes you just get lucky and get a person that lets you slide a bit...doesn't happen too often for us!

  2. Could you tell me what form you had the officer fill out. I just bought a 74 and it had been sold 2 times prior without the others registering. Lady at the DMV said to track down the first person on the title. But that was 2004 and over 500 miles away. Thanks for the info. I am hoping to get out of this pickle.