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Monday, July 18, 2011

More inspiration - flooring from Cath Kidston

I love my Tarkett bubble fun flooring, but I was looking for flooring for my kitchen and bath and came acrosss vinyl tiles from Cath Kidston that are seriously cute!  I think they would be great in a vintage camper.  Below is a sampling - see other colors at:


  1. Oh soooooooo sweet and fun!!!

  2. WHY can't we have fun stuff like this here in the USA?

    1. Seriously.... Why? Why are our flooring choices dominated by faux stone and faux wood? I wouldn't mind using the floral Kath Kidston in my kitchen. This floral looks fun and fresh, while the florals in the U.S. look dated and granny.

      But you can buy this and have it shipped to the U.S. - Don't know if the shipping would make the price prohibitive, but the price of the flooring is reasonable.