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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Door, Interior Panels and more polishing

I was away visiting my sister and had a bunch of fun while my poor husband was slaving away on the Shasta.  He took apart the door so we could have a new metal piece fabricated at the bottom where there was a tear in the metal.  We suspected that water was getting in but he wasn't prepared for what he uncovered!  There was nothing left of the bottom of the door but a pulpy mess of wood rot.  He completely re-built the door and it looks great!  I am painting the back of the door with chalkboard paint. I thought it would be fun for Bella to be able to draw on it.  Second coat of chalkboard paint goes on tomorrow and I'll post pics.

Here Dave has installed interior panels and look!  cabinetry even!

The cabinet over the sink and range.
 I replaced the yellow formica with frosted acrylic panels.
There will be LED lights inside the cabinet which will illuminate the frosted panels.
Both gaucho benches are in

The gaucho benches have beadboard sliding panels
(which replaced the yellow formica).
The closet.
Beadboard panels are installed in kitchen back wall.

All of the wood will need another coat of paint.

Joshua and Bella worked on polishing the screen door.

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