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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Those finishing touches...

Detail of trailer restored by Joe and Robin Lyons of Santa Barbara

There are signs of spring in the air.  I just noticed the sprouts of daffodils poking out from the brown leaves on the side of my house.  So, of course that means it is high time that we start working on the Pearl again.  Last year we completed the bulk of her renovation, but there are a few things that we have left to do.  Well, maybe not have to do.

I really would like to add some baby moons and white wall tires.  If anyone out there knows what size and a source for these that would fit on a Shasta Compact, please let me know.

Another wish list item that I have is an outdoor mat for camping.  Having some trouble here.....I would love a mat with a fun fresh style, but alas, the mats seem to be designed by the same crusty old man that designs the paint scheme on the sides of contemporary rv's - broad strokes of analogous colors.  Someone should really clue the RV industry to the fact that this design was dated 15 years ago.

So here is a possibility:

I also thought it would be fun to make a mat by clicking together these fake grass 10" squares (they come with the daisies):

I also want to add some fun party lights, like these from beau coup:
lantern party lights
Ok, yeah, we still don't have the water tank installed, boring.  Just need to set my priorities - fun stuff,  first, then water tank, electric heater, and fix that "cam over" problem that we had last summer (see our blog from last summer's cross country trip)

Happy Glamping!


  1. Lisa, I love your ideas! I just got my '72 Compact a couple of days ago and I'm a bit overwhelmed wanting it all done now! :) There's one old baby moon on it so I'm also searching. I'm in Florida so maybe one of us will find them.

    I love the artificial grass with the daisies! Who knew?? I'ts just great and I might have to get it. I was thinking of a sisal rug/mat, but it would be bulky to roll up, I suppose. Actually, all sorts of ideas are running through my head. Did you paint the walls of your Shasta? I hate that dark paneling so much but it's in super condition and it'll look like I'm trying to cover something which I'm not. Oh, well, I'm going to do it for me, not for resale.
    If you painted Pearl, any tips on paint types?
    I'm so glad I found your blog! :)

  2. Thanks lopo! Congratulations on your '72 Compact!! If you start a blog, I'd love to see your progress.

    I did paint the walls. I really like the natural birch with certain decorating schemes, but I decided that I would paint it because it goes with the look that I wanted better. If you really don't like the dark paneling, go with your heart. I'm not sorry that I did.

    Like you, I'm near the ocean, and this little trailer will spend much of its life at the beach. A lighter look seemed to call to me. Also, I made other decisions that really didn't make financial sense (The stove - oh dear) I'll never get out of this (financially) what I put into it, but this camper was for me - its like my grown up doll house so I wasn't thinking of resale value. I used a paint that is meant for bathrooms - supposedly doesn't grow mold. Here on the cape, it is very humid and mold can be a problem.

    I think the fake grass would work for an entry mat, I wish I could find other alternatives to rv mats. Let me know if you find anything. I wonder if it would be feasible to get a cheap rv mat and spray paint it a solid color and then afix these cool vinyl flower stickers from Hippy Motors:

    Actually, on the cover of the book, "My Cool Caravan" there is a trailer with these flowers on it (great book btw). Also, I haven't measured my wheels yet, but here is a source for baby moons:

    Best of luck with your Compact!

  3. I saw some of those lanterns at Big Lots 2 for $10

    1. Thanks Heather! I'm on my way to Big Lots :)