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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Insulation, electrical and paint

We've been busy, busy, busy!  David installed new electrical wires and, with the help of the kids, insulation on the two side walls.  The aluminum on the roof, front and back is at the sheet metal shop where new panels are being fabricated.

Christian sprayed the trailer frame with rubberized undercoating

Installing insulation and taping it in.

 Christian, Joshua and Bella working together
Even Hazel gets into the act.  Inspecting under the trailer - quality control!

We put down the subfloor in preparation for the finished floor which will be coming next week.

And I worked on painting the cupboards.  Yes, we decided to go with paint.  I love the look of the stained birch, but this little trailer will spend most of her life parked near the beach so I decided to go with a lighter beach cottage kinda look.  After all, we live on Cape Cod, where if you stand still too long, you'll be painted white.

I also polished the louvered window.  That took some time!  I have 2 more windows to go and the z stripes, the top of the baggage door, the screen door and something else which my mind has blocked out at the moment.  

Next week we'll be installing the aluminum skins on the roof, front and back, continue polishing aluminum, and continue painting.  Next weekend Dave will hopefully be putting in the birch panels.  

Taking it one day at a time - too overwhelming!

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